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Started by peterp, Apr 18, 2024, 17:25:17

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>>> The original post was accidentally deleted, but only the images are lost. Never mind, I viewed the pictures before that.

Your post:
Diameter: 22 cm, high 3 cm
Observation with a high-power super-eye magnifying glass revealed that the colorless or blue, shiny single or groups of bubbles in the doucai glaze with the Chenghua Year mark of the Ming Dynasty have turned into dark red, brown or dark brown. Bubbles that change color like this are death bubbles in ancient enamel.
Second, the yellow material used in the Ming Dynasty was transparent yellow. But this dyeing technique is transparent and was later lost. The yellows used later were all tinged with dark brown. So we use this feature to judge whether the porcelain is from the Ming Dynasty.
The third "accumulated glaze"; Crystal spots are not fired products. They should be "derivatives" produced during material replacement activities. They are cobalt oxide and other material elements under the glaze that have been "concentrated" in the glaze bubbles at high temperatures. Over the long years, they have become (less than The unit particles (the molecular structure of the glaze layer) are continuously separated out, and gradually form on the glaze surface over time. Generally speaking, crystal spots are caused by old age.

Hi, Peter, am I right?
What is your last name? Combs?
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First to above post:
1. A request -- please do not post any text with code attached anymore. It is a bit much asked if we also have to remove the code just to make the text readable. Just plain text is fine! No font code, please...

2. Not sure what the purpose of these topics is. It looks as if you are copying something that was not written by yourself. Basically, we do not want users to post unverified content unless it is from a reputable museum or research institution, but please keep in mind that visitors mostly are collectors, they do have little interest in too much details as described above. Collectors want to collect, not spend their time with academic research that is not applicable to their items. And Xuande or other early Ming periods are not beginner's fare, they require previous understanding of other subjects, in order to see the differences.
You may not believe it, but some people cannot differentiate decoration styles or see the difference in blue pigment colors.


3. No, I'm not Peter Comb. I'm located in Taiwan. Try the main site to find out more...

4. Basically, I get the impression that you think with the research information you can verify whether an item is authentic or not, or its age.

My answer to this is -- scientific authentication can be really used for verification, but we are not a place yet, where this is widely available for collectors, and it is too expensive.
Bubbles and other glaze phenoma are not at a stage where they are completely reliable, and there are too many differences between kilns, periods, and ceramic types. Basically, it is still an ocular inspection type that requires a lot of experience - not paper learning, but observing bubbles in many different items, which allows accumulating some experience.
We still have to read information in books or online to accumulate this over time. There is no shortcut for appraising authenticity or age of antique porcelain at this time, at least not for the common collectors.

With that I wish to express what I often heard here, but many don't do -- Spend 10% of your money on books learning about ceramics, instead of just going ahead without. My view is that nowadays a part of this can be obtained from the Internet, but the real problem is that the net is full of misinformation, and until you have reached a certain level, you need to continue studying or ask others.


Now to the pictures viewed before accidentally deleting them:
Forget those! -- I clearly remember the bottom with labels and wax seals. These are 100% fakes, meaning the labels and seals. The people who make them in China have no idea regarding western labels.
Please visit: "fake labels and wax seals" in the Water Cooler board of this site.


Hi, Peter;
Thank you very much for your comments.
We are Chinese and live in Seattle, but we go Taiwan sometimes. You are so knowledgeable in ceramic items, can you help me in several questions, I can make it payment for your service? My email; and whatsapp 1-xxxxxxx I am respectively ask what is yours?



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Please provide your email address or Mobil number than my PayPal can pay you. if you can not do it, please provide credit card payment page, then I can pay you. 


Hi, Peter;
You have very good system to check if the item is true or not. I need NO PAPER, just tell me yes or no with few point, then I know how I can tell the age of ceramic. But you have problem with payment page. I want pay by credit card, but your page can not be working to take my number. Do you have another way? give me your telephone number, we call you pay you by phone? We can make international call.  Please help me. Your web does not allow me left my phone and email address for you.


live Seattle. 


In  your main page there is a phone call number. I called, but it is not a human answer the call, only few seconds the phone cut off. So I have no way to pay you. 
help please


Please read your email. Received the pictures but one is missing.


If you read this, John, please check your email and confirm that you got the mail message.  Use same mail as before, please.