Help with markings for a novice

Started by ClaireEN, Apr 18, 2024, 04:17:02

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I'm new to this forum ,i volunteer in a  charity shop and we have this plate Could anyone please tell me what the markings are and I'd any value
Apologies for the small picture I cannot make any smaller
Many thanks


It looks to be some type of kangxi mark, but it could be aprophycal, meaning that it may be from another time. You need to provide a image of the plate from many angles in order to identify the item properly.


Looks like a hare mark. This was used late Ming to early Qing dynasty. Unless pictures of the item showing details are provided it is impossible to tell any more. Marks like this were for decoration and not meant for identifying the period.


Thanks so much I have pictures but can't seem to get small enough to upload.  The hare is in a double ring circle . I'll try to upload another picture but they are much bigger than 150kb

How do I add more pictures ? I cannot see an upload button .thank you


I found this picture online of the plate but ours has the hare in a double ring these plates don't.  I wish I could add my picture but finding impossible 😕 
Any help gratefully received!


I'm afraid this will not do. First you need to understand that due to the rampant faking going on in China, even in the west you may find fakes. Marks cannot be used for dating or verification (see chapter on Marks in the main site for the reasons.

The backside is the most important for evaluating age, but we need more and better pictures showing good details. Also a side view of the foot rim. Without these it is not possible to tell more.


Thank you unfortunately I cannot make the images smaller and this site only uploads photos upgo 140kb my pictures are bigger