Rice Bowl ID

Started by Mchmaster84, Mar 31, 2024, 20:13:56

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Hi. I'm new to the group. Thank you for having me and providing this valuable resource. I'm having a very hard identifying this bowl through searching online. I've found similar emblems that seem to indicate it is Japanese from the 19th century. But even that I'm not sure about. 4" diameter, 2.5" tall. If anyone can help with information and value, I would be very grateful.


Looks like a teacup to me. Everything is transfer printed. For age someone else may help.


Peter is right, the decoration is transfer printed, not very collectable in my view, It could be late 19th century, the Japanese were making transfer ware into the 19th century.


Thank you. I appreciate the feedback from both of you. At least I can feel confident that it is not some fake or cheap reproduction.