beautiful vase, qianlong mark 20th century?

Started by de munte, Mar 07, 2024, 04:53:21

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de munte

bought this vase this week, thinks it's 20th century

can someone determinate it more exactly for me?

i'm very happy with this vase :-D

greetings from holland

de munte

more pictures


On the left top of the front this is titled "Goat herding pleasure", besides there are two vertical character lines. It looks as if one could be a cyclical year, but due to the picture's angle it is impossible to read. You could upload a picture of that part only.  The Qianlong mark is for decoration only, as you know.

But yes, 20th century.


Looks like an Imperial quality vase, very nice, the bottom looks newer to me but then Imperial porcelain looks that good, The mark is Qianlong but the foot is not a worm back it is more flat than rounded, more than likely from a later period, very nice.


Very nice vase, could it be early Republic?
It seems that there is a date jia zi: 1924.


Personally I think this is nowhere near the Qing dynasty...this looks more like the type of newer item we can find at jade markets here.
For example, details like the hares and the plants near them do not resemble earlier Qing style wares neither do the colors used.


As always Adriano was right with the 甲子 year. That means it could be 1924 or 60 years later. But is it? I suspect a later  manufacturing time and consider this date unreliable. I explain this below.

Thanks for the additional pictures. One is basically relating to the topic "hares", the other relates to "goats". The "Goat herding pleasure" has the above cyclical year and a month 甲子 at the end, the other topic relates to  "hares" and says "Qianlong Years" or (Qianlong period) at the end.
I do not think Qianlong is possible at all; not sure why this is referring to that period, but it makes me believe that the cyclical date is unreliable too. Thus, I would still think 20th century but not first quarter. The condition of the black writing itself looks as if it cannot be that old.


Yeah second half of the 20th century, those bats are really weird looking to be Republic and the shape of the vase is really elongated. love the enamels!!

Long time no see Stan and Peter. nice to see that you are still helping people. I learned so much from you guys.