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Started by kissmyvintageglass, Feb 13, 2024, 21:46:58

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Hello. My name is Francesca and I am a glass / ceramic enthusiast. I have no idea about anything Asian. I have been collecting American glass (1920-1950's) for years. I came across this vase and I fell in love. It is so light weight that it doesn't feel real! Can anyone out there help me figure out a maker, a style, a time made period? I appreciate your help. I love to learn! 


The item picture is much too small to tell more, but the mark appears to be made with enamel and says "Made at Jingdezhen".
Both the use of enamel and the mark itself indicate that it is at least from about the mid-20th century or later. Might be vintage but not an antique.


If it is enamel that signature of bottom must be 6 letters and 2 lines with a double circle blue. Because your signature of bottom is wrong, so it is reproduction instead antiques.


There are no such mark rules. But nonetheless it is not antique, indeed, as only later items have the Jingdezhen Nianzhi mark. It is a factory mark used in the 20th century.