Is this real Kangxi stamp or revival ?

Started by margarita, Feb 13, 2024, 19:19:48

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Hello everyone !!

please can you help me me with this stamp ?

Is for real emperor system Kangxi or the revival ?

thank you


This would be an imperial mark, if authentic. But it isn't. It is also unlikely from the Guangxu reign (revival) because Kangxi marks of that period usually did not use the characters of an imperial Kangxi mark, just a four character Kangxi mark.
Without pictures of the item itself it is difficult to see if the item is older or from the 20th century. The large majority of snuff bottles seem to have been made in the 19th century and later.
BTW, the bottom looks as if this was enamel on it?


hello Peter !!

thanks for your response

this is the tobacco bottle


Thanks, the facial features and hair of the lady confirm that it is 20th century, I'm afraid.
I would like to emphasize that eyes, pupils, eybrows were never painted this way earlier, and the hair of the ladies is usually not as black.