kangxi or 19th century ( bad pictures.... )

Started by de munte, Mar 24, 2024, 00:35:34

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de munte

at first sorry for the bad pictures but can't get better pics of this chinese porcelain.

I think this is kangxi revival or something?

does anyone know it?

greetings de munte


Never seen such an item. My first impression: bottom/mark and background color (dark blue) near bottom (also on back?) look exactly like those of Guangxu prunus jars. Is the neck glazed, any shoulder decoration? The shape with such high shoulders would be more common on non-Chinese wares, I suppose.
Second, the light blue colors of the front decoration are not of color tones I would expect to see on any common late Qing wares of this type, much less on such a dark background. The motif is also a bit unconventional. I cannot remember seeing that decoration type itself before.

Do you have access to the item? I would check if the white and dark blue border area to see if any is elevated (not the same thickness) and, if possible inspect the interior to see if there are any signs that something was modified, meaning that it is not an original shape. I would avoid it, if it is expensive.


Your right " Bad pictures " it could be Kangxi, but the blue looks more like late Qing. Guangxu Kangxi revival.