Guangxu Qianjiang bowl

Started by Adriano, Jan 16, 2024, 19:54:24

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This is another bowl I have.
The decoration style points to late 19 century.
Firing faults, signs of age and use are evident.
Firing faults are often present in common use pieces, like this, of that period.
The indicated date bing shen: 1896, could be correct.
The bottom mark is unknown to me.
These are my comments, others are welcome.

Thank you.




It could be 1956 could'nt it? The mark is stamped.


Hi Stan, in this case I think Adriano is right and it is 1896. He is always correct with the dating of Qianjiang wares! I think if it was sixty years later, they wouldn't have cared to imitate the age signs in such a manner.
Actually, at first I thought it was a private mark. The cabaret dish is upside down in the picture, but the first and last two characters are those of a six character reign mark. Such marks were frequently used during the Tongzhi and Guangxu reigns, but I cannot read those in the middle. Just ignore the mark. Such items were predominantly made in the Guangxu reign.
In this case the decoration and the dish itself should have sufficient age for that.   :-)


Thank Peter, and Adriano, I am always learning, the yellow color threw me off as it was reserved for imperial ware.


Hi Peter and Stan,
Thank for your considerations.