Thai Celadon Mengrai Kilns?

Started by Kaaren B., Jan 15, 2024, 23:26:51

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Kaaren B.

Hello! I have not been here since October, but just picked this up in a consignment shop. I believe this to be Thai, not Chinese celadon? The best I could do researching the mark, which has no English, is the Mengrai kilns. It is very lovely and in perfect condition, with a beautiful crackle glaze. I assumed it was vintage not antique. Can anyone help with the mark or other info? Many thanks! Kaaren


Hi Kaaren B. Im sorry but I do not know much about Thai items, Maybe someone more experienced will answer your questions.


Did you look into this site?

They may be able to point you to the right resources.

Kaaren B.

Apologies for the later Thank You! I will give it a try. KB


Sorry for being unable to help.
You could also check has information. Their work includes some information on Thai kilns too.