Qing Bowl with mark

Started by smak, Mar 15, 2024, 08:07:20

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HI guys! 

Happy New Year! 

Just purchased this and wanted to get some more details! Only paid $100 USD! 

When was this made? 
And what is the painting of the gate? And where might the gate be? Or what is the painting trying to say?



More pics!


Looks as if it is late Qing dynasty. Private mark- Made by Jin Long-shen. (That is the mandarin reading. )

There is/was a company involved in ceramics in Hong Kong, but not sure it is related as it seems to have been established later. My personal view.


Hmmmm I see. New to my collection! heh 

Definitely looks late Qing maybe even early republic. 


Personally I do not think it is early republic. It features late Qing or 19th century age signs.