"Green family" Vase + Moon flask porcelain chinese

Started by damyp, Dec 13, 2023, 23:41:34

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Here is a Chinese vase signed with a double circle which seems quite old. Green family, possibly Kangxi period or not?
Found in a house storage room with the grandmother's stuff.


Also, here is a moon flask porcelain quite intesreting with qianlong seal mark, what is your opinion?

Thank you!


The vase would be imitating a Kangxi style and colors, but even Kangxi revival is out of question, in my view.
Everything, including the glaze looks more recent. The black hairstyle would not look this perfect  black color in the Qing dynasty. And the double ring mark is also too perfect. Private kiln ring marks would not be so uniform in spacing and color depth, if made in the Qing dnasty.
The moon flask is of the qingbai glaze type. It has no age or usage signs at all. It looks too pristine. I'm afraid both are either from the late 20th or the 21st century, when many fakes were/are being made.


Thank you for your informed advice, Peter.
I have also this interesting piece from which your review would be very appreciated. It is a white glazed ewer.
The yongzhen mark looks authentic to me.


Thank you.


I do not recognize the shape and most of the decoration as being Chinese. This said, if genuine it would probably have to be imperial ware, imitating some foreign shape.
The mark is another problem. If it were Qianlong, in this case, it would not be a problem. However, few Yongzheng items were marked, and not found on private kiln items. In addition the majority of Yongzheng marks were predominantly written in Kaishu characters, not Zhuanshu characters as here, with few exceptions. I cannot help with this.

Did you try to find information on the previous owner mentioned on the label? Sometimes it is possible to find auction or previous owner's data for items with labels, if they are authentic.