Chinese Shard Box - Shard date?

Started by laurahillg78, Nov 07, 2023, 00:14:42

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Good morning! I have a large shard box that I believe to have been made in the mid 20th century, but was curious as to how old the actual shard might be? Unfortunately, it does have a crack running through the center. The shard is easily removed from the lid, so I have included pic of underside as well. Measures: 7" x 4.5" x 2 1/8".  

Thank you!! Laura


These photo's are to small to see, the inside of shard looks old but then the edge of the shard is hard to see, could you post a picture of the edge of the shard and a closeup of the rust spots and pitting thanks.


Without a closer look at the white glaze it is difficult to tell more, but with these photos it seems that the shards can hardly be older than 20th century. The lion color is a bit too dark, but the color tone of the glaze is difficult to identify. Should it be white or a kind of celadon? For a white glaze it seems to be a bit too dark, and the spots visible would need to be identified whether they are from production or not.


I apologize for my delayed response and small photos. I've attached additional photos. These are largest I am able to upload. If they are too small, no problem. I was just curious.
Thank you very much!!


Thanks for the additional pictures. They make it look as if could be older, probably 19th century, I would think.


Thanks, Peter. I appreciate it.