Small Meiping Vase

Started by Stan, Oct 29, 2023, 04:39:29

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Hi Peter, I just got this vase, It is 22.86 cm tall, there is age signs but not many, the bottom has a slight texture there are some rust spots, on the inside on the bottom there is shavings stuck to the bottom with what looks like honest dirt, I know it is hard to tell on monochromes the age, but is there anything that stands out that would tell age, thanks.


Here are the pictures of the bottom, it has a Guangxu mark that is under the glaze. Thanks again for your expertise.


The wavy glaze on the bottom conforms to Guangxu, but I got the impression that the mark is slightly darker than it should be, but then it would not be imperial with that foot rim type. Not quite sure though... the glaze is very smooth. My blue glazed Guangxu items have a different type of glaze, darker and not so smooth, not reflective. There is no way to compare the two types.
Where are the rust spots? Did you look at them with a strong magnifier or microscope and check if they look as if they are growing out of the glaze or if they look flat, as if they were painted on?

The Meiping is in very good condition shows no obvious age signs. I can not tell for sure if this is antique or not, from pictures alone, I'm afraid.


Thanks Peter, for your knowledge, You are right the vase is perfect, except on the bottom, the white glaze looks like it has microscopic debris from the kiln and microscopic pitting, I thought some maybe rust spots but I do not think so, the blue color has large bubbles and few smaller ones there is some dead bubbles in the white glaze, other than that it is perfectly made, thank for the web sight showing various blue meiping vases.