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Started by Leofox, Oct 07, 2023, 09:59:39

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Thank you for your help. Was sold to me as late qing/early roc.  What is odd to me is that the rim of cup seems unglazed


Depends whether the rim was fired that way or whether the glaze was removed afterwards.
What I find more suspicious is the cuts in the foot rim. I have never seen this before. These are cuts that must have been added with a sharp tool before firing.
It looks unused, without any age or usage signs, otherwise. Not sure if this is antique or not.


Thank you for your help. I want to add that after receipt of the cup, I soaked it in a solution of sodium percarbonate for several hours, which cleaned it up.


One last picture from the top. The inside looks quite clean except for 2-3 light rust spots