Snuff bottle with blue and red decoration

Started by PatLP, Sep 30, 2023, 10:02:14

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Hello... I'm trying to find out an approximate age for this snuff bottle and what it's made of. I know it's ceramic but it seems heavier and more dense than porcelain items?

Would the decoration be what's called underglazed blue and copper red?

The bottle is 2-7/8" tall and has no marks. I believe the scene is of a fisherman, with a fish dangling from a cord in his hand.

Is the round blue object probably representing the sun or moon?

I'd appreciate any thoughts on the bottle, including approximate age.


Snuff bottles can be difficult to tell age, but I can say the older bottles most of them were  skillfully hand drawn, this one is not that good as far as quality, it is a porcelain snuff bottle and does look like it has age, may be early republic in my view.


Thanks for your reply. Although I love the image, I agree the execution isn't the highest quality. 

Would early republic be roughly between 1912 and 1930?


1912 through 1949 was the republic period.


> roughly between 1912 and 1930?

Yes, but there is no firm date when it ended.


"1912 through 1949 was the republic period." Thanks, Stan. I did see that online, just was asking if *early* republic would be the teens and twenties?


More like 1912 to 1922 close enough. Peter you have a good point was the end of the republic period 1949 was that the beginning of the Chinese Communist part ? I answered my own question, the Chinese communist party started in July 21 1921, but the communist takeover of mainland China was in 1949.


We still have the Republic Period, They started counting with first year of the republic, so we have the Republic year 102 now.

When I think early republic period I indeed do think normally up to about the twenties, but depending on the item type up to the thirties. To me it is less a matter of age but rather a change happening in view to techniques, decoration styles and materials during this period. Some things changed more slowly, but during or after the thirties most things had changed for good.


Thanks guys for the info and perspective. It's been very helpful.