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This dish can be from Guangxu period or later?
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The mark is in my book on marks, " Hall for the Cultivation of Virtue " (Shen De Tang Zhi) apparently this Kiln was destroyed by European troops in 1860 so I do not think it was used in the Gaungxu period, but with these photo's they are not good enough to tell if there is any age signs and what not, good photo's of the bottom and decoration is required.


It is most likely new. If the real colors are like those on these pictures it is more likely 21st than 20th centuries.
As Stan already mentioned the name of the mark was the residential palace of the emperor. Yellow and five clawed dragons would have been an imperial prerogative, if authentic. However the dragon itself is also not of the period. Quality is insufficient for imperial ware.


Just wanted to add, the Shende Tang mark is an imperial mark that was not used by private kilns. It appears on scores of modern fakes. I would recommend not to waste time on such items.