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Started by artem, Sep 06, 2023, 00:29:48

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Hello! Help me please identify this cup. It should be from Ming dynasty, is it correct?


I would think late Ming, my only concern is the orange color caused from the Iron oxide looks a little strange, like it was painted on, it is even, even where there is no glaze.


I have some reservations regarding this being Ming, but cannot entirely exclude it. First of all, is this a very small cup for liquor?
If this was a tea cup, then its shape is probably not quite right for late Ming.
Yes Stan, but occasionally we find items that are red-orange on the whole bottom. The clay itself also contains iron, and the red color may be related to the oxidation/reduction in the kiln.
What I'm not sure about is the grayish glaze color and its gloss, which is a bit more pronounced than what I know from Ming wares, on one side, and the tone of the blue pigment.
This is my personal view but I suspect that it is Qing dynasty, judging by shape, glaze and pigment. But, as mentioned, not completely sure here. The decoration itself tells us nothing in view to age.


Not sure why the glaze inside the foot looks this way, but could be that the surface was covered with something at the time the glaze was applied, which then evaporated in the heat of the kiln, leaving some areas bare. Not sure if a foot that was not completely dried inside could result in something like this when being fired.


Yes, this cup is very small, should be a wine cup.
Thanks for yours replies!