Blue and White, porcelain stacking box.

Started by Stan, Aug 24, 2023, 03:10:53

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Hi Peter and all, I just bought this at an antique store, but I'm not sure if it is antique or not, I was thinking late Qing, but Im not to sure if the decoration fits, Especially the buildings, It appears to have age marks but that can be faked these days, It has a 4 character Jiaqing mark, the bottom on all the compartments has unglazed foot but the surface is smooth to slightly smooth, is this a good fake?


Here are more photo's to view.


Hi Stan,
I see why you have doubts about the buildings, usually they do not show that much detail. However, several things point to an authentic antique. The sides are slightly outward bent. With the manual production methods used in those old times that is normal, if they were completely straight it would mean a mould or other modern method was used. The glaze on the bottom and inside the stack boxes and the rims look all natural. In my view this is 19th century and might even be from the Jiaqing/Daoguang period, as the mark says.

Nice decoration! The stacked boxes I normally see have all the same or similar decorations on each part. Yours shows a complete picture when all are aligned. BTW, not sure it that should be rocks or lingzhi mushrooms in the left lower corner...either way, they are symbols of longevity, as is the pine and the cranes in that picture.


Thanks Peter, I thought it was Antique when I bought it, but I got it at such a cheap price I started doubting myself, thanks for the reassurance.