Started by Harry Walker, Jul 24, 2023, 04:57:13

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Harry Walker

I have a blue and white porcelain figure of Guanyin - 30 in. (76 cm.) high.  An identical figure was auctioned at Christie's in London in 2011 and sold for BP 1250.  See: www.christies.com/lot/lot-5462911?ldp_breadcrumb=back&intObjectID=5462911&from=salessummary&lid=1

I have been unable to find any similar object on the internet.  Can anyone provide any further details and in particular the provenance of this item?  Mine looks as though it was resident in someone's garden for quite a period of time but otherwise appears to be in very good condition.  I have pictures and can provide them on request.  I tried to attach them to this message but received an error message indicating that they exceeded the allowable size. I can, however, forward them by e-mail if anyone is interested.

Thank you very much.

Harry Walker

Three pictures: front, left side and back.

Harry Walker

Two pictures: right side and bottom.


Hello, not sure if nobody recognizes this, but please understand that most people and information here relates to antiques. This seems to be vintage at the best. With older items (100 years +) it is sometimes possible to tell where they were made or when, but with 20th century wares it is often a free for all. Many different items were made in locations where they didn't before factories were established. under the old system.
As you see this was already accounted for in the information of the auction house. They probably did not have any further details either. The only way will be to keep looking for 'Guanyin figures blue white porcelain' and see if something comes up in future, I'm afraid.

Harry Walker

There's definitely a lesson to be learned here.  What persuaded me, at least in part, to pay $100 (Canadian) for this 'goddess' was the fact that back in 2011 someone else paid 1250 British Pounds for the same item at Christie's in London. I guess the person who did this must have really liked it; or got caught up in a bit of auction fever.  In any event, a "made yesterday" Virgin Mary of a similar size at the local mall sells for between $700 and $1000 so I'm not upset. However, if it's not a priceless antique, then I think I'll move it now from the counter in my bathroom to the front porch.  Thank you for taking the time to comment.  I appreciate it.

Best regards.