Japanese vase

Started by Dominique, Jun 05, 2023, 16:14:08

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Hello to all,
I found this vase and I need your help to translate the signature and know its age.
it is 24 inchs tall.

thanks in advance.


Hichozan Shinpo made.  Edo period it seems. Let's see if Stan can date it more exactly.


Hi Dominique, this would be very rare, could you post close up photo's of the decoration and photo's of the figures and there faces, you are right Peter the mark is Hichozan Shinpo Tsukuru, if everything checks out it would date to late Edo to mid Meiji.


Here they are...
Thanks for your help.


Hi Dominique, this look good to me and to have a piece this large is very nice, good find.


Hi, many thanks to both of you for all these informations...