Large Ge Guan Crackle Qing Dynasty?

Started by smak, May 23, 2023, 10:56:46

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Hi all,

Need your thoughts! Looks like late qing/ republic to me.
36cm high/ 14 inches high


You may be right with the age, but could also be late 20th century.
If you know that this is imitating Song Guan kiln ware, you may also know that its clay was mostly dark.
But looking at the foot rim and edges it is apparent that its clay is not dark, and the foot rim was dyed to give the appearance that it was.
In my view even such a glaze should show some age signs or a patina.


Thanks Peter!

With that said, is it safe to say it's more likely 1900s than early 1900s? Just have the opportunity to buy this at $200, now I might jus pass on this. 

I have no experiences with Song Guam kiln ware, so I was judging off the glaze. 


I would pass it. It also appears to be a bit big for the type of crackle ware.