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Started by hn2503, May 15, 2023, 06:15:13

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Hi all,

I came across the squat baluster form vase. I was told that it is a Kangxi vase. Do you have any comments?

Even though the subject is domestic, there are two bands near bottom and the neck of the vase. Is this correct to say that those bands indicate the vase was made for export to foreign market?


Some more photos


Some more photos


First I would like to mention that this is not a baluster shape but rather a temple jar without lid.
I have never heard before that the decoration band type you mention has anything to do with to domestic or export, such decorations are usually only related to the period they started to be used.

Basically, the variations in depth of blue color does indeed seem to indicate Kangxi. Kangxi ladies are commonly depicted as slender and tall, compared to those in the later Qing dynasty. But not sure if the heads of the ladies here are proportionally larger than those?
What I would suggest is to check inside if there is a horizontal seam, as during the Kangxi reign such pieces would still have been made in two parts, whereas upper and lower part were stuck together after shaping them.
And, please be also aware that in the Guangxu reign lots of Kangxi style decorations were imitated.

The very long cloud decoration on the shoulder, just below the band has some lines with intermittent breaks. While this is not always the case, these breaks sometimes may indicate that the contour lines were made via transfer, and only part was hand-painted. I would check if other parts in the decoration, especially the thin lines, show this.


Thanks Peterp for your opinions.

I also found the heads of the ladies to be quite large relative to their bodies. It , I meant the composition, almost has a look and feel of a European painting rather than a Chinese drawing 

The pot is quite heavy and it is looted in the middle. I do not have a photo of the inside but I did touch it with my hand.

I think the glaze is okay for a Kangxi reign. The variation of blue is nice as you also pointed out but I will check the thin lines that are suspicious.


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Thanks a lot