famille noire mille fleur 'planks'

Started by drmonika, May 06, 2023, 23:33:08

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Hello to everyone

I've had these two mille fleur 'planks' for about 15 years - mainly wrapped up under a bed as they are very heavy and I've never figured out what to do with them. I was wondering if anyone might have an idea of what they may have been originally used for (they are longer than a standard pillow) - and also what the markings at the back might be.  If I were to place wood (or similar) at the back of them  - would this detract from their value?  I was also wondering if the gold work on them might be a form of cloisonné.  Any idea on age would also be appreciated.

best wishes, Monika


How long are they?
The left is the Chinese character 七 for severn, the right does not look like any character. Perhaps they just to indicate which is which side when fitting them into some frame? 


Hi Peter

They are 76cm (30 inches) long (and very heavy - not a simple case of just hanging them up!).  Perhaps there were more of them and they fitted into some form of frame - as you say.


I can only say 20th century, based on the type of millefiori and the size. It would have been impossible manufacturing such large plaques (flat items) earlier.
The three strips on the back look as if they were used for stucking them on some time of backboard. Porcelain plaques were also inlaid in carvings, hung on walls, etc.

Weight is not a hindrance. Sometimes heavy items are standing on supports attached to the wall.


Thank you Peter!  I am thinking of placing wood at the back of them - and using them on a free-standing bath - if the weight doesn't pose as an issue for the bath

Have a great Sunday