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Started by Ianf, Apr 25, 2023, 23:20:56

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I have this small tea cup and would appreciate any comments regarding age, kiln or other information. Thamk you


Without a proper view of the decoration it is difficult to tell, but could be transfer printed. The shape is that of a 20th century item. A side view showing the outlines could help verifying this. The shou 壽 character probably means it was made by or for someone speaking Chinese, but if it is indeed 20th century, it is difficult to tell where exactly made. Could also be vintage.


Thank you Peter. I have posted some new images. Do these help in your assessment? 


Thanks for the additional pictures. A side view is always important to evaluate the shape. Pictures from above or at angle distort the view.
A straight side like this mostly means an item is 20th century. Qing dynasty and earlier items mostly have curved sides or a straight line directly down to the foot rim.
Seems to be hand-painted, after all. Not sure if the character roundel was made by hand, transfer or a stencil, but the smearing in the white areas could be from improper handling of the tool. The circle around it was apparently drawn with the help of a tool. Hand drawn circles do not look that way.


Thank you. That was most helpful Peter