identification chinese bowl Please???

Started by abderrahim, Apr 02, 2023, 03:24:55

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Please I need your help for  identification chinese bowl Please???



The foot is not a Ming foot, it is a Qing foot, and Yellow is an Imperial color so Im thinking 20th century, unless you can prove me wrong about the ming foot.


Thank you very much for your help Stan, I can't prove otherwise because I can't differentiate between a Ming foot and a Qing foot.
thanks again


This is the result of a Chinese language search for "Daming Hongzhi Nianzhi", a Hongzhi reign mark, yellow glaze. You will see that there a several that look similar to yours for sale on commercial sites. As this mark and glaze color would mean it would have to be imperial ware, I doubt you would find real imperial items in quantities for sale in such places.


Thank you very much for this link it's huge as a market. Indeed I found several that look like mine and in addition they have the same foot, that is to say Qing foot and not Ming foot, As he mentioned Stan.
Luckily I didn't buy it, I offered him $100 and he refused. Cool.
Thanks again Peter for that link.