identification Please???

Started by abderrahim, Mar 18, 2023, 09:18:40

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Plaese it's authentic bowl kangxi period.????


The shape is already wrong for any period, as is the blue top rim. Meaning this is new.

May I advise not to buy items with marks at the beginning. Most Chinese reign marks are spurious, either for decoration only (late Qing dynasty) or to mislead (new fakes). And, I would advise to buy export porcelain at the beginning to get familiar with the age signs. The percentage of fakes among those is much lower; but the seller should also be looked at. Some do not know their wares, others sell anything (fakes) as antiques. 


I have a few pieces with this or similar marks. All modern or perhaps vintage. Lovely pieces but no age. 


Thank you guys for your answers.
Thanks Peter for your advice.