dish, Mark and period of Guangxu

Started by abderrahim, Mar 12, 2023, 05:47:56

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Plaese can you tel me if this dish, Mark and period of Guangxu????


It is almost impossible to tell for sure based on pictures if an item is new (fake) or a high quality item of that period. It might even be official kiln ware. This type of decoration and colors would mean it would have been made for the palace.
A hands-on inspection would be necessary, checking on glaze condition, etc.
If you do not have anyone nearby who can inspect this actual object I would stay away.

At this level, and especially in the late Qing dynasty, real imperial ware and today's excellent faking quality are difficult to separate without inspecting glaze age condition directly, with magnification, etc..



The tail on the dragon is rounded at the end, if period it would be more pointed than round but high end for sure.