Porcelain Chinese vase ??

Started by abderrahim, Mar 03, 2023, 23:39:15

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Please it's authentic piece, (Ming Dynasty period) ???


This is a stem cup.
The bottom, interior of the stem and mark look right for the period.
However, if authentic this would have to be imperial ware. Yellow was the prerogative of the palace from the Ming dynasty onward.
What I can tell you from these pictures is that you have to consider glaze gloss. The glaze is so shiny that it reflects the lamps. That could or could not be a sign of a later manufacturing time. Items from very early times often do not reflect objects in the background due to the ageing of the glaze. If one can see lamps or other objects reflected instead of just seeing a bright area where the light is, it may mean the glaze is newer. With monochrome items of that era it is sometimes be possible to see that the glaze was sprayed on.
It is recommended to have someone experienced near you do an inspection with a magnifier or microscope for glaze ageing.

This is one of the porcelain types that is difficult to evaluate from pictures alone. I would suggest to avoid monochromes as they are more difficult to checks due to the lack of painted decorations.


Thanks for your advice, I don't know anyone with experience in this area, so I'll avoid monochrome for now.
Thank you very much Peter.


May I just add, if this is authentic, it would be very expensive.