Guangxu bowl

Started by rgomes10, Feb 08, 2023, 06:00:24

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Good evening,
I think this is a Guangxu bowl, but I ask your opinion, please.
Thank you very much,


I'm afraid I cannot help much with this. This item many not be suitable for identification with photographs alone. These pictures are not ideal for viewing what is there. The mark, for example is only partially visible, and there is no close-up view of the glaze, with high resolution.

However, even with better pictures monochromes can be difficult to tell if they are antique without hands-on inspection and viewing the glaze with a magnifier or microscope. That is simply because there is no other decoration or features suitable for that.
The mark itself may be important because its characters sometimes differ from original Guangxu items, if they were made later.
Also, please be aware that a worm-back (rounded) foot rim may mean it would be imperial if it is of the period. I would recommend to have someone knowledgeable do a glaze inspection with magnification. In my view this is a risk item because it could as well be a more recent product.


I add some more pictures for a better look.
Thank you so much.
Best regards,


Thanks. I'm afraid after seeing the whole bottom and mark I think this is 20th century, not of the period.
One thing is that the underglaze blue seems to be darker than with period marks. The writing style of the mark looks also a bit different from period marks.


I agree with Peter, does look new.