Korean Celadon Cosmetic Case

Started by Stan, Mar 31, 2023, 15:47:35

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Hi Peter, I picked this up today at an auction, I bought a box full of porcelain and this is one of the items in it, A Koryo Dynasty 13th century, it looks authentic although I have never owned one before, I have books on the subject and some similar looking circular boxes, The decoration is inlayed, you can feel it to the touch, most of it is smooth but some very apparent that it is inlayed decoration, the diameter is 8.3 cm also the inside edges has some kind of substance that can be scratched off, in my book on Korean porcelain they had a couple pieces that had the same surface on the edge, it seems like it was baked on but not sure, please let me know what you think, a fake or did I score ?.


Here are two more photo's to view.


Here are the last 2 photo's to view thanks so much for your expertise.


Hi Stan,
Welcome to the world of Korean porcelain. Yes, this is typical Goryeo (Koryo) inlaid celadon. And it looks as if it is of the period.

The irregular and sometimes not very good looking support points from stilt firing is something typical to recognize Goryeo celadon. Often these stilt traces sit on top of the foot rim too. I have still to see one that shows regular ones like on Chinese ceramics. They do not seem to appear on Joseon porcelain, or only very early in that dynasty.


Thanks Peter, I take that as a score, I knew it was special when I first picked it up, thanks again.