Wine pot ?

Started by Stan, Dec 29, 2022, 23:53:32

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Hi Peter, I am not sure what this would be used for, it doesn't look like a teapot with such a wide mouth, Could it be a wine pot and how old do you think this is, it has age signs and the mark which you already answered in another post is strange, it is not in my books,


Here are more photo's to view.


Hi Stan,

I found this mark on the web: Yi Xing Long (factory name) Zhu (made).
The mark is on a Qianjiang vase dated 1909.


Hi Adrian, How did you ever find that, thanks, I thought from the age marks that it was from the early republic, but I wanted to get other views, Im still not sure what it was used for, I have had this for several years, I was told when I purchased it at an Antique shop that it was a wine pot, if it is, it is a first for me. The 3 holes inside the pot might date it to the late Qing period, lets see what Peter thinks.


Yes, Adriano has found it. I was unable because the third seal character is not what I thought. I thought it is 陶, but it is 隆.
In seal style the characters are more difficult to identify. See image of seal characters at the bottom of the post. I thought it is the left one, but it was the other.
Yixinglong 義興隆 造(zao=made) is the mandarin reading. If it was made in Guangzhou (Canton), the reading differs. Information on this manufacturer is difficult to find online. They may have produced already in the late Qing dynasty (not sure if it is the same), but this item seems to be republic period. The items I saw [attach id=53895]char.jpg[/attach]  all depicted ladies in the style of the republic period.

Might be a tea pot, I think. Wine was usually served from bottle shaped vessels, like the Yuhu Chunping, not from pots with handle and spout.


Thanks so much Peter and Adriano for all your help.