Seeking information on a couple plates from China

Started by SEA, Dec 28, 2022, 12:29:58

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About 40 years ago my wife was gifted a couple Chinese ceramic plates, which have essentially been stored in a box ever since. We've decided it's time to find out information about them and research has led me to this forum, where I'm hoping to obtain insights from the community. It's been difficult to find other sources of information.

The plates have simple designs compared other ceramics I've seen while trying to research. Both appear to be hand painted with multiple imperfections in the finish.

Thank you for taking the time to share thoughts.

Plate 1 Front and Back:

Plate 2 Front and Back:


There is a Jiajing mark (Ming, Jiajing reign), but it is unlikely from that period.
In my view it is more likely from the 19th century.
Let's see what others think.


I agree with Peter, it has a Qing dynasty foot.


Thank you @peterp and @stan for the quick replies. Being less than even a novice about this (i.e. complete newb), what is the primary take-away?

We have some understanding of the Ming Dynasty and less so about the Qing Dynasty that followed. We're not collectors of antique plates or of much less anything else for that matter.