Doubts: Is this really Chinese?

Started by weip, Dec 23, 2022, 08:43:13

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Anyone can comment on this? I have heavy doubts.
Major auction house lists strange item as Kangxi.

This type of decoration does not look like anything I ever saw on Chinese porcelain.
Has anyone seen this decoration style on Chinese porcelain? Looks Japanese or modern to me.

See link  under "2  Ask questions".

This does not look like any of the classical "line" decorations; the blue pigment seems rather dark.
Kangxi porcelain painting is known for certain features: e.g., water is painted by horizontal thin lines, often some trees are bare, without leaves...too bad there is no view of the bottom.


The provenance quoted on the auction site seems impeccable, but it is still looking odd for Chinese, in my view.

This one looks as if it is authentic. See the differences in style and color?

(Pls. note that the water lines may be missing in some of the "earlier" Shunzhi or Kangxi decorations but some leafless trees seem to be present in this one.)


I would have never guessed Kangxi on the plate or the vase, the mountains are strange.


One can find the auction data online by searching with the description of this item. Just in case someone is interested in looking at this. Interestingly, provenance for the item appears to be plenty, but none really relates to authenticity. Any auction house "expert" should be able to recognize this as what it is. Looks as if this was sold based on provenance alone.