Giant Rooster with Child Statue

Started by smak, Oct 21, 2022, 03:40:59

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Hi all,

This measures about 19 inches tall, possibly republic!

unfortunately it arrived with a piece broken off and I plan to repair it! Do you recommend kitsune (gold repair), or just regular epoxy glue?

When was this made, and by who? What do you guys think of this? I only paid $130! Might be too much but I love the details.


This is no more than vintage. It is too lifelike to be much older.
Nice work.

Kitsune? that means 'fox' - I assume you meant Kintsugi?
(I put a short article in the 'Additional Info' board below regarding this.)

This is up to you. Kintsugi does not always look good, depending on the type of break, the background decoration, etc. However it is easier to do because with so-called invisible restorations a lot of time and work is required for hiding the repairs. With museum restorations, these are often left visible, though.
As I repair my own ceramics, I started using Kintsugi with chips and other minor damage that requires too much time otherwise.
Some people prefer the look this way. Complicated or too many brokenpieces may look not well with this method, however. Again, this depends on the background (color). etc. One thing to note is it is easier to remove or reverse a Kintsugi repair than other restorations.
My personal view...  :-)


Hi Peter,

Apologies! I meant Kintsugi!

How old do you think this might be by the way? Possibly Republic?

heh I see! I think I might just go with good old epoxy to repair it!

I think I did okay with $130, I just loved the details!


Perhaps 50 years?!  Not will see an impressed number in the bottom. I would think this is pointing of some manufacturing in a factory setting. But apart from this, it is just too lifelike for anything before the second half of the 20th century. It is nearer to modern than antique despite the traditional subject of this figure.