Large flambé vase (was a lamp) Maybe Qing?

Started by smak, Sep 17, 2022, 03:28:10

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Hi All,

This is approximately 24 inches tall, I think it could be Qing? Was a lamp at one point.

What do you guys think? When was this made?

Also hope you all have been well!!!


Very likely Qing Guangxu reign. 
The stepped foot started to be used in the Kangxi reign, but the clobbered glaze at the bottom's edge is typical for late Qing Guangxu. In the Kangxi reign the glaze would have gone neatly down to the edge and no farther.


Thanks Peter, would you say this is collectible? Or worth collecting? Seller wants $450..


This is my personal view:  I would not purchase this for that price.
This has a hole in the bottom, and the top rim looks as if it might have been subjected to grinding, possibly to fit it to something for making the lamp. Normally the rim would be covered by glaze. The black matter might be something used to stick the top and vase together.


Thanks Peter! 

I have no experience with flambe type of porcelains. 

Just out of curiosity, if it wasn't for the black grinding, and the hole drilled in for a lamp, how much would one of these vases of this size fetch or go for in terms of value? And is it desired as a collectible since its late Qing? Guangxu? 


The white area would be the clay body, the black color is something put on it. It is the same.
No idea about pricing, Simon. Actually, I know only about those vases that have all red or all blue glazes.
I don't think the value would be high, it is just that in this case the vase is fairly tall but...late Qing items with a clobbered base are usually not of the best quality, others would be of a better value. But you are right with what you suspect, items of this period are lower. Even if there is no modification of bottom and top, I would go as far as to say that unmarked Guangxu vases with no other decoration than a color glaze are not as collectible as those of the mid to early Qing dynasty.

One more thing. In my experience damaged or modified/repaired items of the late Qing dynasty have quite less value than similar items of the Kangxi reign, for example. The latter may be more acceptable because of their rarity. 


Thanks Peter! Yeah, I have seen these type of vases before just don't know enough about it! 

Thanks for the insights!! And I'll avoid this purchase! 


Also, I have an instagram where I visit museums and auction houses! Christies and Sothebys is having a preview for their Fall auction! 

Check it out will post things today!