Please help with this bowl.

Started by Ianf, Aug 31, 2022, 19:42:15

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This is one of a pair of bowls, I will post the other one soon. I am told that this is buddhist year 23 to 24. Dehua kiln, Fujian. Can you please help me with this bowl? 


The bowls measure 15cm dia


I think, though I'm not sure, these may be shipwreck items. 


Does not look like shipwreck items to me, and these would hardly have been exported. The part in the interior bottom looks familiar. Seems to be late 19th century ware with a very crude floral fencai decoration, originally. This would have been made for the common folks and even those with the decoration intact do not look very attractive. I would not buy such wares; they have little collecting value I'm afraid.