Could this be Mirado?

Started by Veri, Aug 01, 2022, 14:20:16

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Hello Peter and friends,
any info on identifying the maker, the possible age and region of production please?


Cannot help with the origin, but maybe if the mark would be better visible we could read it?


Hi Peter,
the paste is very white and pure, thought it might be Hirado; I have a close up of the mark, but is a very pale blue script under the glaze.[attach id=53082]DSCF4716.jpg[/attach]


Cannot read it. The left side seems to be either 富山 (Toyama) or 高山  (Takayama, Kosan, Kozan) depending on where it is or what it is (e.g. place or family name, etc.).


Hirado porcelain was very expensive and of Hi Quality, looks like your item is printed.