Green stem bowl

Started by Sari, Jul 11, 2022, 14:38:30

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Hi everyone, new user here:) I did some image searches (which then brought me to this site) for this stem bowl my husb bought from an antique dealer, found quite similar ones, i.e longquan stem bowl, but I doubt if ours is such as it has 3D fish carving on the inside base, with the bowl height from the foot base approx 3.7" and 5" in diameter. It has crackles, which I'm aware could be faked, and spread foot with averted ring at the base. Really appreciate if anyone can give me an insight whether this bowl is chinese antique or just another fake one. Thank you in advance!


This is a celadon stem cup. Although on the surface it has some resemblance to Longquan, the celadon itself differs.
Antique stem cups of that type do usually have a hollow interior, not a bottom and foot rim like this one. And, what looks like a salamander to me is usually a specific type of dragon with a split tail.

I'm afraid this is a modern creation.


Thank you Peter for the insight. Ah yes, I never thought that it's a salamander:D, always thought that it's a flying fish, but as I looked it again, it's more like it, not a dragon for sure.

So it's not a chinese antique but a modern one (and not even a vintage), but still a chinese one?


This is an assumption. It is impossible to tell if it is really Chinese made just from the type of glaze or the shape. Could as well be from SE Asia, as they also imitate(d) Chinese ceramics.


I see. Thank you again Peter!


A lot of celadon of this type has been made in Thailand, specifically Lamphun/Lampang