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Started by AndreM, Jul 08, 2022, 18:23:07

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Hi all,

Herewith the 3rd plate's images.



These pictures are also a bit small.


Hi Peter,

Herewith better quality images of the plates.

How does the condition of such items affect the value and collectability?

I really appreciate your input.




Thanks for the enlarged images.
First to the center one. The bottom looks as if it is 18th century, about Qianlong reign I would say. Export porcelain.

The left and right ones are a bit problematic.

In the one with the boat the lady is the only feature I could positiviely confirm is in a Chinese painting style. Everything else, including the rim decoration look "un-Chinese" in style. I'm afraid it might be Chinoiserie despite the Chinese 'Jade' mark and the 18th century Chinese foot rim. It is known that Chinese blanks were also exported to Europe, where they then were painted. Perhaps... it might be one of those?

The other one with the floral decoration has a foot rim that, if Chinese, could be 19th century at the best. But here again, the decoration is also in a style that although it imitates Chinese features, the painting style of these does not look typical Chinese. My guess is that this is also Chinoiserie. In addition if that blue tone shown in the picture is really that bright, the blue pigment is unlikely of Chinese origin.

If you are not sure what Chinoiserie is, there is a description in the main site. See link above, right.

As to your question regarding condition, yes, condition affects collecting value. For example the several chips in one of the plates might be unacceptable unless they are restored, as Western collectors most likely would want to display the items, but sometimes restoration is expensive and may exceed an items monetary value.


Thank you so much for your reply and the extensive feedback.

I have learnt something new and will most likely start to read up more in this wonderful and interesting field.