Ming/ Siam/ Vietnamese? Charger

Started by smak, Jun 30, 2022, 08:21:21

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Hi all!

I just got this, the blues reminds me of Ming Dynasty, but this obviously looks siam.

What do you guys think? How old might this be? And is there a market for Vietnamese ware? So far I only know of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean!




Hi Simon,

I don't know that much about SE Asian ceramics, but does not look like the Vietnamese shipwreck ceramics I have seen. But those were often concurrent to the Chinese Ming dynasty and had decorations that somewhat resembled Chinese styles.
I would suggest looking at Thai wares, perhaps from Sukhothai or Sawankhalok kilns, the two main production centers there.
SE Asian wares are probably still much lower in collecting value. Many dealers may have changed to such wares as a replacement product, because the outflow of genuine Chinese antiques from China stopped.


Thanks Peter! I'm a tad bit surprised it's not of Vietnam! But will check out Thai ware!


I have no way knowing whether it could be Vietnamese, really. Because early there many Chinese seem to have emigrated there and working in the kilns, resulting in the decorations resembling the Chinese ones somewhat, in style. And, the bottom of those Vietnamese wares looked different from this one. I couldn't know much about 18th and 19th century Vietnamese ceramics, except those that were exported there from China, that is Bleu de Hue, for example.