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Started by tompie, Jun 20, 2022, 21:24:17

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couple of years ago i got gifted a few chinese? japanese ? items.

been in my garage in a box ever since, sorry.

not knowing to keep them or throw it away i started searching without result and now found this forum.

i will post a few items, if they are fake or worthless i will not bother you guys and girls with the rest ;)

so if anybody has an idea.... shoot


and another one


The one below has a "Jiangxi product" "Made by Feng Yuantai" mark. Jiangxi province is the location of Jingdezhen, the former porcelain metropolis of China. Items with this mark are usually from about the 1930/40s or even later. This is old, but the colors show that it was painted or re-painted in the 20th century.

The one above with a pictorial mark looks as if it could be late Qing dynasty, Guangxu reign (1875-1908). Both are more common wares, not of high value, but old/antique nonetheless.


thnaks for the info Peter !