Green Jar (Qing?)

Started by smak, Mar 21, 2022, 11:18:46

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What do you guys think?



The glaze seems to be Qing or republic. But not sure what these jars are for!

Measurement:H24cmx 20cm


The shape is not Qing or republic, if it is Chinese. My personal view. It would have to be much older and/or from some southern or coastal kiln.
But not sure, the part between the glaze and bottom is not clearly visible. If there is no slip it may not be right. Many of these storage items have similar looking counterparts in SE Asia. When considering buying it is recommended to always check with the seller where he/she thinks this is from. Not that one should rely on that, but some may not tell unless asked, even if they know it. The shape would be at least from six or seven hundred years ago - if Chinese, but not sure if this green color tone did exist then.


Thanks Peter! Yeah I was a bit confused with the jar as well. Style def look older 600-700 years old, but the glaze looked too new. And the color is definitely new as well!