Kangxi Plates?

Started by smak, Mar 11, 2022, 12:14:16

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What do you guys think? I have a set of em!

Are they desirable? Or valuable? And does a set make a difference?


I will tell you what I see, please draw the conclusions yourself.
A Kangxi style center decoration with trees and water typical for Kangxi. A late Qing style dragon in another type of blue on the rim.
A four character Kangxi mark as used in the Guangxu reign. A foot rim that is atypical for late Qing but would fit Kangxi.

Then, does it look only that way in the pictures or is the rim rounded upward? Someone else would have to confirm that this was common in export wares, it was not in domestic porcelain.


Hmmm Im leaning towards guangxu late Qing exports!

Yeah they do curve up a little


Hi Peter, Smak,

Just dropping in to say that this footrim is very typical for late 19th century.
The main difference is the color.
Both are unglazed but 18th century footrims are orangeish of color, Guangxu footrims have a white color. Both are slanted although for Guangxu plates the footrim is often less high.

Kind regards,