Revisiting this Jar (Yunan Kiln?)

Started by smak, Mar 11, 2022, 11:58:51

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Just want to revisit this! Last we discussed I believe its from the Yunan Kiln. Do you guys still think the same?

If not when do you think this was made? And what are your thoughts on this?


The yellow glaze and decoration indeed look as if it could be Yuxi kiln.

If you consider collecting or monetary value - I don't know - I would not want it. It really is a bit ugly, and despite being a type of Yuan blue and white porcelain it has probably far less value than those made in Jingdezhen kilns.


I see!

Heh yeah, i got this awhile ago from a dealer in Japan! I too don't like the yellow glaze!


Be careful with items having this type of decoration. Vietnamese porcelain of the Ming dynasty has some similar decorations. Only that the glaze isn't yellow, normally.
The similarity is apparently because many Chinese kiln workers emigrated there and painted similar motifs.