flat dish/bowl blue and white

Started by konniela, Mar 09, 2022, 02:41:23

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On the first view, I thought, the decoration it is printed, but it seems to be handpainted, just like the mark. I think, it is not made in Qianlong, the decoration looks very unusual to me and the blue may be too light. It ist small, 9,5 cm diameter, 2,7 cm high. I am a bit clueless



As far as I can tell this looks really good to me.

It's an odd shape, some sort of large stem cup/bowl?
Have you got a picture of the full item?

The mark is poorly written but the quality of the painting is quite nice.
I would date this Qianlong/Jiaqing in my view. Perhaps later but I'm not sure.

The decoration is unknown to me too.
Perhaps for the Islamic market?

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Yes, I have also been thinking the decoration looks more as if it was targeting Islam. We really know little about this, because we are all centered on Europe, Japan and SE Asia as target markets of export porcelain. The mark looks like a typical private kiln mark of the Qianlong reign, or maybe early Jiaqing at the most. However, this may very well be M&P. Good find!


Thanks for theese really good informations. It is not mine (sadly) and I do not know, if there is a chance for me to get it. Will see.