Ginger jar or storage jar.

Started by Stan, Jan 27, 2022, 10:36:21

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Hi Peter, I would like to know the age of this jar, I believe it is Qing dynasty but not sure, I have never seen this pattern before, I think it could be late 18th century or early 19th, because of the blue color, your expertise is much appreciated.


Here is 2 more photo's to view.


And here is the last 2 Photo's to view, Thanks.


A ginger jar IS a storage jar. I do not know where the term "ginger" comes from, not from the Chinese. The mouth and shape are Qing dynasty, that is about all I can tell. Like you I have never seen that pattern before. At first I thought it is Japanese, but probably not with that shape and mouth. And, it is old. The unglazed mouth would probably mean it is at least late Qing, but the blue color is a bit too light for anything antique I know too. Is there a seam inside?


Hi Peter, it is hard to tell, it looks like there is a slight evidence of a seem on the inside and out but it could just be the potters fingers made while turning on the potters wheel.