18th century vase

Started by de munte, Jan 20, 2022, 04:30:49

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de munte

Bought this one.

Can some one tell me more about it?

Greetings Peter

de munte



The vase is old, no doubt, but I'm not sure if all of the color decoration is original. Some may have been added/repainted at a later time. There are some items that are faint due to abrasion, but the crimson and blue/yellow colors are still strong. I would also like to note that blue flowers are somewhat of a rarity in Chinese porcelain.
However, I cannot tell for sure what feels incongruent, apart from the colors mentioned. I would suggest you look for similar items of the Qing dynasty. It would likely be export porcelain.

de munte

Thanks for answer.

Yes , I think it is export indeed

Think it is 18th century cause of the shape. Ibboughtbit as kangxi but that says not everything.

The bleu flowers are a rarety? Ok. Hhen that colour is painted in China itself atvthat time this vase is a little bit special 🙂


It could not be Kangxi because the crimson color did not appear in China until the Yongzheng reign.

FYI, the blue onglaze (fencai) color was also only just developed in the Kangxi reign. The mineral colors used in those times were relatively few and did not allow painting many of the color tones which we later see in chemical colors.  :-)