Edo saucer?

Started by de munte, Mar 15, 2022, 05:28:45

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de munte

My first edo periode Japanse porcelain?

greetings de munte

de munte


The decoration indeed looks like Japanese Imari. The fan shaped inserts in the rim decoration are typical.

de munte

I 've steen the same by an online antiquar called Edo periode porcelain. Buy that says not everything.
Ik know the inclined rim by Chinese porcelain is 18th century stuff etc.

Ik don't know it.....

Greetings Peter


Never mind the rim, this decoration is definitely Japanese.

Early on I bought a saucer and cup, mistakenly thinking it was Chinese Imari. On closer inspection there were two elements that simply are not Chinese. There was a building with a long needle-like decoration on the roof top. This is typically seen on Japanese temple towers (pagodas), never in China. And a building foundation that looked the same as that used in Japanese castles. The foundation of Japanese castle walls is not vertical as that of European ones, but slightly slanted, giving them a distinct appearance. This wall type does not exist in China either. Otherwise, some Japanese and Chinese Imari decorations look virtually the same. After the sea prohibition was lifted in China the Chinese copied Japanese Imari to get the export trade back after the VOC had to buy in Japan due to the sea prohibition.


Hi Peter, I do not see any pictures of the saucer on my side.