From 19th or later?

Started by rgomes10, Dec 30, 2021, 03:52:12

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I would like your help to identify the period of the jar, please.
Thank you so much.
Best regards and a happy new year.


Hi Regina,

Should be later, sometimes in the 20th century. I'm aware that the jar itself probably is old, but the shape is not a classic Chinese jar shape of the Qing dynasty. The sides are not rounded the way those would be. Further, the floral decoration is also not in a traditional Chinese style. The lines of the peony give the impression that it is printed. A closer view might show if it is.

If it were not for the jar neck and base I would think it might be Japanese.


Hi Peter, I can't say that I have ever seen such a shape in Japanese porcelain, I agree that it looks printed, maybe Korean?


Thanks Stan. I thought it looks more Japanese because the free expression of the painted decoration, It is not like the traditional patterns painted in Chinese kilns.
What do you think about the shape?
The jar neck and bottom appear to be like those of late Qing items, but the shape is odd if it is Chinese. What I mean is the pronounced shoulders and the relatively narrow bottom result in something that differs from anything Chinese I know. BTW, the shoulder decoration does not look Chinese either. I don't really know what to make of this...I wonder if this could be some type of export from Hong Kong or Macao?


I agree with you Peter, an old vase probably S.E. Asia that has been redecorated in the 20th century.


Very interesting discussion to read!

I agree that the vase itself looks antique. The paintings, blues and shape however dont match the age of the vase in my opinion, if it was chinese. At least from what I can see.
Colour of the unglazed porcelain is very greyish. Which doesnt make a lot of sense regarding its a very freely drawn blue and white. If it were 18th century the unglazed porcelain should be more white. I havent seen any floral blue and white paintings on chinese porcelain look like this. The blues are very monotone aswell.