Plate Chinese Porcelain

Started by chugun, Dec 25, 2021, 23:18:48

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Please help to determine the origin and the price of this plate. Thanks


Cannot know origin, but this has no collecting value, I'm afraid.

Basically, from this single picture of the plate it appears that this is a modern plate shape. Chinese domestic and export plates of old are a bit different.
The mark is top down, it is a Qianlong Nianzhi mark. This only confirms that it is at least 20th century. On the later side in my opinion.


Thank you so much Peterp! Happy Christmas and New Year!


Same to you!

Just wanted to clarify the shape of this plate for the benefit of others viewing this post.

The classic Chinese shape of plates was completely flat, with edges bent upwards (round bend).
Later the old export wares for Europe often looked more like the western (20th century) soup plates. That means a small flat area and shallow bowl type interior of the plate.
Modern western food plates often are not as deep and have a wide interior area, like this one. That did not exist in ancient China.